PARIS 2018

From June 16th to 24th, 14 Parisian restaurants entrusted their kitchens to refugee chefs. With four-handed menus or carte blanche, these cooking collaborations allowed more than 1,500 people to discover flavors from Syria, Chad, Chechnya or Georgia.

LES GRANDS VOISINS – L’ORATOIRE (75014)  • Fariza Faridova • Chechen cuisine

June 16th • Dinner

Emmanuelle Lavaur, chef of the restaurant l’Oratoire at Les Grands Voisins welcomed Fariza Faridova for a dinner with Chechen accents!

LA TRAVERSÉE  (75018)  • Haitam Karajay • Syrian cuisine

June 18th • Brunch

Charles Neyers and Haitam Karajay were in the kitchen for a Franco-Syrian brunch at the restaurant La Traversée. Delicious mezzés, kefta and creative desserts were on the menu.

LES PÈRES POPULAIRES (75020) • Tallafe Dougouche Mitchella • Chadian cuisine

June 17th • Dinner

The legendary restaurant Les Pères Pop’ participated again in the festival and welcomed the chef Tallafe to discover the delicious flavors of Chad.

LA MAISON DE L’AMÉRIQUE LATINE (75007) • Manal • Syrian cuisine

From June 19th to 22nd • Lunch

Chef Thierry Vaissière prepared with Manal Al Jaouni Al Aswad, Syrian chef, a Syrian menu in the kitchen of La Maison de l’Amérique Latine, in the heart of Paris.

LE CAFE DU COIN (75011) • Mahassen Dib • Syrian cuisine

June 18th • Lunch

Mahassen, Syrian chef concocted a traditional Syrian menu with Florent Ciccoli, chef at Café du coin, close to Place Voltaire. 

LES ARTIZANS (75001) • Elena • Ukrainian pastries

June 20th

Pastry chef Mathieu Mandard and Ukrainian pastry chef Elena Golodnykh prepared a unique pastry on the occasion of World Refugee Day. This creation was available at Artizans, the famous street address Montorgueil.

L’AMI JEAN (75007) • Magda Gegenava • French-Georgian cuisine

June 19th • Lunch and dinner

Stéphane Jégo, faithful sponsor of the Refugee Food Festival, welcomed Magda Gegenava in his kitchens for an amazing Franco-Georgian gastronomy.


LE CIEL DE PARIS  • Mohamad Elkhaldy • Syrian cuisine

June 20th • Lunch

Franco-Syrian collaboration between chefs Christophe Marchais and Mohamad Elkhaldy on the roof of Paris.


June 20th

Exhibition, conference, virtual visit of a refugee camp… For this evening, the United Nations Refugee Agency has proposed many activities to raise awareness of the reception of refugees at Ground Control.
Magda Gegenava, chef at La Résidence of the Refugee Food Festival, has proposed a Georgian menu for the occasion.

REV (Montreuil) • Keshar Sharma • Indian cuisine

June 21st • Dinner

Indian chef Keshar Sharma was in the kitchen of the restaurant REV. He proposed a delicate vegetarian Indian cuisine (with great Indian music too!).

LA GUINGETTE DES GRANDES SERRES (BY LES PANTINS) (in Pantin) • Nitarshini Mathyalagan

June 22nd

Walid Shahed, chef at Pantins, welcomed Nitharshini Mathyalagan in the kitchen of his restaurant for a unique Sri-Lankan menu!

Exceptional opening

June 23rd

The solidarity restaurant imagined in the crypts of the Madeleine by Massimo Bottura opened its doors to the public for the first time. Mohamad Elkhaldy and Maxime Bonnabry-Duval created a subtle menu of products from surplus food. Learn more about the Refettorio here.


Food Court in Ground Control

June 24th

This year, the Parisian edition of the Refugee Food Festival ended at Ground Control with 5 unique collaborations! On the menu: 5 dishes co-created by the festival’s refugee chefs and 5 restaurants of the biggest food court in Paris, accompanied by Georgian wines and Syrian drinks.


In 2018, the Paris office of the Refugee Food Festival developed the Refugee Food Festival project in Paris, accompanied by many volunteers, Laura, Phillie, Hélène, Marion, Clara, etc.


This year, more than a dozen of our favorite Parisian addresses have opened their kitchens to refugee chefs, for an ever more tasty and supportive edition!
Throughout Paris, the friends of the Refugee Food Festival were able to discover a varied program and gourmet menus prepared by talented chefs: carte blanche, menus with four hands … Unprecedented collaborations that made you travel!
So friends of the Refugee Food Festival, see you next year! And prepare your forks!


The United Nations Refugee Agency plays a fundamental role in the development of each local festival. UNHCR also ensures the protection of refugee leaders by providing expertise.


The BNP Foundation, as a partner of UNHCR, is associated with the Paris edition of the festival.