June 16th-26th

For the 3rd edition of the Refugee Food Festival, Cape Town has joined the list of cities whose restaurants welcome refugee chefs for a few days, for delicious culinary collaborations!

From June 16th to 26th, the menus of several restaurants in Cape Town (and around the world) have been enriched with dishes imagined and prepared by refugee cooks. These menus can be the result of four-handed collaborations or cartes blanches given to the invited chefs!

The Refugee Food Festival aims to highlight the guest chefs’ talents and give participants the opportunity to enjoy the most demanding, original and meaningful food.

JUNE 16th, 2018

The restaurant has welcomed Yodit for Ethiopian cuisine.

Price: about 70R

GINGER & LIME • cooking classes with Jane & Ibrahim

JUNE 18th, 2018

The restaurant has welcomed Jane & Ibrahim for cooking classes. On the menu: vegetarian East African cuisine!

Price: about 650R

JUNE 19th, 2018 • Tapas lunch & dinner

The restaurant has welcomed Patrick for Angolan cuisine.

Price: about 350R

PEGASYS • Mamie & Milka

JUNE 20th, 2018 • Private corporate lunch


The corporate restaurant of Pegasys has welcomed Mamie and Milka for Congolese cuisine. 

THE POWER & THE GLORY • Two palestinian bakers

JUNE 21st, 2018 

Two Palestinian bakers’ made Palestinian biscuits! 

Price: about 20R

THALI • Hamidul

JUNE 22nd, 2018 • Tapas lunch & Dinner

The restaurant has welcomed Hamidul for Bengali cuisine.

Price: about 350R


GINGER & LIME • Cooking classes with David & Patrick

JUNE 23rd, 2018

The restaurant has welcomed David & Patrick to host cooking classes! The participants learned about (and taste!) Angolan and Congolese cuisine.

Price: about 650R

JUNE 23rd, 2018 • Dinner

The restaurant has welcomed John for Angolan cuisine.

Price: about 820R

JUNE 24th, 2018 • Tapas lunch

The restaurant has welcomed Bilolo for Congolese cuisine.

Price: about 200R



JUNE 26th, 2018 • Private corporate lunch

Rhino Africa’s corporate restaurant has welcomed Farhio for Somalian cuisine.



Cindy Helfer, Jacob Berget and their team were leading the organisation of the festival from A to Z! In Cape Town, the organization of the Refugee Food Festival was made possible thanks to the commitment, enthusiasm and energy of those two ambassadors, their wonderful team and UNHCR South Africa!




Scalabrini, that we would like to thank for its unfailing support.