For the first time in 2018, the menu of restaurants in the city of Bologna has been enriched with dishes imagined and prepared by refugee cooks, for four-handed menus or tasty white cards.

The Refugee Food Festival showcases the skills of the guest chefs and offers participants the chance to feast on demanding, original and meaningful menus.

Bologna 2019

The Refugee Food Festival is coming back to Bologna next June, for the second edition!
Several restaurants of this gastronomic Italian city will welcome talented refugee chefs, for new collaborations!

Stay tuned ! More information will come soon …


Bologne 2018

En juin 2018, la ville de Bologne a accueilli pour la première fois le Refugee Food Festival.

Menus à quatre mains ou cartes blanches, trois restaurants locaux ont accueillis quatre chefs réfugiés pour faire découvrir des saveurs venues d’ailleurs, de Syrie ou du Tchad, de Tchétchénie ou de Géorgie.



June 26th • Dinner

Founded by the social cooperative La Formica, La Fattoria di Masaniello promotes the work integration of disadvantaged people and uses products from agricultural and organic farms. For the occasion, guests chefs Osama and Emad prepared an exceptional four hands dinner!

LA SVOLTA • Mori & Minamba

June 27th • Dinner

For this dinner, Mori, an asylum seeker hosted in one of the reception center of Arca di Noè who is being trained in La Svolta as a sous-chef, prepared some Malian cuisine specialities.

AL BINERI • Osama Shorbaji & Emad

June 29th • Dinner

Al Binèri is much more than a restaurant: it is an innovative project of the social cooperative Arca, which supports the social and working integration of asylum seekers and refugees in Bologna. For this occasion, guests chefs Osama and Emad will prepare an exceptional four hands dinner!


The team

“The reason why I decided to organise the Refugee Food Festival in Bologna, the city where I live, concerns my daily life. Every day, thanks to my work, I meet many refugees and asylum seekers who work hard to create a new life in a new country, starting from scratch. What I have learned from all of this is that, beyond any categorisation, there are people with talents, abilities and attitudes in need of emergence. And the most important thing to know is that it’s not just about “helping” the refugees! It is the common effort of a civil society that gives people the opportunity to be what they are or would like to be: artists, tailors, metalworkers, artisans… chefs!”
Emanuela, RFF Bologna, 2018.


Bologna’s involved restaurants

Quest’anno più di una dozzina dei nostri indirizzi parigini preferiti apriranno le loro cucine agli chef rifugiati, per un’edizione sempre più gustosa e solidale!

In tutta Parigi, trova un programma vario e menù gourmet preparati da chef di talento: carta bianca, menu a quattro mani … Collaborazioni senza precedenti che ti faranno viaggiare!

Quindi amici del Refugee Food Festival, preparate le vostre forchette, ora le prenotazioni sono aperte!


Pour connaître nos prochains événements et en savoir plus sur nos actions !


Arca di Noè, a social cooperative working with a team of professionals in four areas to promote social inclusion: job placement, reception and integration, environment and services.

Comune Di Bologna

The Metropolitan City of Bologna

SPRAR, the Protection System for asylum seekers and refugees.

Bologna Cares!the communication campaign of the project SPRAR,

ASP city of Bologna, which designs and manages social and socio-health services for the elderly, children and families, adults in difficulty and immigrants, with a view to a continuous improvement of services to citizens and network work.