– Bilolo –
Congolese cuisine
Cape Town

TODAY  •  Chef de partie at a restaurant in Cape Town
AIM • Wishes to open its own restaurant where Western and African flavors will mix

SPECIALITY  • Makayabu, slated fish with a traditional sauce

REFUGEE FOOD FESTIVAL 2018  •  Chef’s Warehouse at Maison (Cape Town, South Africa)


10 years ago, Bilolo, his wife and family came to South Africa, from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He discovered his passion for food when he moved to Cape Town and describes food as being “who he is” and what he loves. His favorite cuisine to cook is Western cuisine, but he enjoys experimenting with different flavors and cuisines. He is currently a Chef de partie but hopes to one day open his own restaurant fusing African and Western flavors, to expose non-Africans to tastes from the continent, in an innovative way.

For Bilolo, food was a way to find hope and a way to express himself, throughout his hardships.