• Amsterdam * 18 - 21 June

    Find out the restaurants participating to the festival

    Trust Lunchroom

    June, 18th - lunch

    Vegetarian Syrian Cuisine with Yamen Makhzoum

    At Trust Luchroom the food is conscious, mindfully prepared, vegetarian, local, healthy & happy. Ingredients come from the local market and used creatively and waste free.
    Come as you Are.

    Pay as you Feel.

    Robin Food at Nieuwe Anita June, 19th - dinner

    Vegetarian Syrian Cuisine with Adnan Al-Sukkar

    Social and activist cuisine, vegetarian menus and social prices.
    Based at Nieuwe Anita, a social space that do all type of artistic activities. Today, after being a squat and a school, this is a social building where some initiatives are located, among which the Refugees association ASKV. Great alternative space with fantastic atmosphere!
    10 euros for a 3 courses meal


    June, 19th - dinner

    Syrian Cuisine with Mohamad Nour Eddin Al-Bittar

    Zest is a little Balkan restaurant in Amsterdam's 'Upper West' zone. You can enjoy a casual dining with culinary distinction where dishes are built with love and care. Their usual menu always includes some excellent choices for both vegetarians and carnivores, including traditional Bulgarian specialties — and of course their celebrated burgers - and during the Refugee Food Festival some surprises are waiting for you!

    10-20 euros

    Stedelijk Restaurant

    June, 19th & 20th - dinner

    Special 3 course menu from chef Kamal Naji.
    For all ages, business and pleasure, museum visitors and tourists, the Stedelijk Restaurant usually proposes both typically Dutch and International dishes, based on what the season brings and mostly sustainable. It belongs to the amazing building of the Stedelijk Museum, an international museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art and design.


    Dinner from 17.00


    Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal 

    June, 20th - workshop

    Het Amsterdamse proeflokaal is a new Food Experience at Stadionplein: place to be for everyone who wants to taste Amsterdam!


    Workshop and demonstration by chef Yamen with a 3 course dinner.

    42,5 €

    Pension Homeland - 20th June

    Syrian cuisine with Adnan Al-Sukkar


    The fine restaurant Pension homeland will welcome new flavors in its charming location: what sounds better than a lovely view over the Eastern Dock with delicious Syrian cuisine by chef Adnand Al-Sukkar?


    36€ - 3 course meal

    Skate Cafe

    June 21st - dinner

    Housemade delicious food with Aya Al Nabul

    At Skate Cafe, discover a different way to enjoy your meal!

    A beautiful combination of colors and forms will surprise your senses. Do you dare to skate?

    StartUp Kitchen at Lola Lik

    June 21th - dinner

    Syrian Cuisine with Jihad Assad and all the team!

    A social impact driven food business incubator, where refugee food startups are able to grow their businesses in an accessible way. Located at The Bijlmer Bajes, it is focused to enable refugees to succeed by providing work space, professional equipment and a perfect breeding ground where these emerging food entrepreneurs get to show off their incredible talent, experience and skills while ...pursuing their passion and making a living.

    De Balie 

    June 20th, 21st - dinner

    Syrian Cuisine with Mohammed Adam


    Well-known platform and center for the freedom of speech, contemporary art, politics, culture, cinema and media, situated near the Leidseplein in the heart of Amsterdam, De Balie is hosting talkshows, cinema, art, debates and theatre, and mixes several points of view in a wayward and creative fashion.

    The Grand Café is a place to eat, drink, chat and work (feel free to use our open Wi-FI!). De Balie was founded in 1982 and is situated in the previous District Court.

  • For 2017 World Refugee Day, restaurants from all over Europe open their kitchen to refugee cooks to change our perception towards refugees and to make us discover foreign cuisine. Four handed menus, cartes blanches, degustations...




    The menu ? An ephemeral card and an invited chef !

    Bookings directly with the restaurant

    Trust Lunchroom

    Sunday 18th June - lunch

    Vegetarian Syrian cuisine with chef Yamen Makhzoum
    020 737 15 32

    Pay as you feel


    Robin Food at Nieuwe Anita

    Monday 19th June - dinner

    Vegetarian Syrian cuisine with chef Adnan Al-Sukkar
    06 471 95 135

    10€ for a 3 course meal


    Monday 19th June 2017 - dinner

    Syrian cuisine with chef Mohammad Nour Eddin Al-Bittar
    020 412 96 31



    Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th June 2017

    dinner from 17.00

    Syrian cuisine with chef Kamal Naji

    +31 20 573 2651


    Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal

    Tuesday 20th June 2017 - start 18.00

    Syrian Cuisine with Yamen Makhzoum

    020 303 14 22


    Pension Homeland

    Tuesday 20st June 2017 - dinner

    Syrian cuisine with chef Adnan Al-Sukkar


    +31 20 723 2550

    36€ for a 3 course meal

    De Balie

    Tuesday 20st & Wednesday 21st June 2017 dinner

    Syrian cuisine with chef Mohammed Adam
    +31 20 553 5151

    Start Up Kitchen at

    LolaLik, Bijlmer Bajes

    Wednesday 21st June 2017 - dinner

    Syrian cuisine with chef Jihad Assad
    06 333 33 092

    Skate Cafe

    Wednesday 21st June 2017 - dinner

    Syrian cuisine with chef Aya Al Nabul

    020 210 02 32

  • The chefs

    All Refugee Food Festival's invited chefs are confirmed cooks. They bet on cooking to succeed in their social and professional integration in their host country.

    The festival offers them a great opportunity to accelerate their professional integration, by putting forward their cooking skills!


    Would you like to get in touch with one of Refugee Food Festival's chefs for a special event?


    Yamen Makhzoum

    This athlete guy is an expert Chef who had cooked in 4 & 5 stars restaurants in Syria and Lebanon. He also worked as chef de Patisserie so he knows all the secrets of traditional Arabic sweets!

    From the last years on, he has been working as volunteer in some big catering activities and as a pop-up chef in The Netherlands. Enjoy his creativity and experience in every bite!

    Adnan Al-Sukkar

    Adnan is an energetic chef with 17 years of experience as a (chef) cook and a great passion for the job. Adnan knows not only the Syrian cuisine but also knows the secrets of the Italian, French, Mexican and Asian kitchen! He is looking forward to have you as one of his guests.


    Mohamed Nour Eddin Al-bittar

    Mohamed comes from Damascus and has a big passion for food. He likes to cook various types of Eastern cuisine ... and he also makes great pasta! Having cooked in restaurants in Damascus, Dubai and Egypt he is able to combine multiple flavors and create colorful dishes!

    Kamal Naji

    Food for the soul that comes out of the heart! Kamal worked as a chef in traditional Syrian restaurants and these days he cooks for a lot of organisations such as Amnesty International, the Food Festival Amsterdam and het Stoelenproject for homeless people. Kamal is a very passionate chef and cooks a broad variety on Arabic dishes.


    Aya Al Nabul

    Aya knows how to calculate in the kitchen since she worked as a Mathematics Teacher in Syria. Being a food lover, she cooks for big parties and weddings. Now she has the chance to show her cooking skills to you! Her dishes are full of flavour and love.

  • The Refugee Food Festival's mission

    After 2 successful editions in France, the citizen initiative is expanding all over Europe.

    Athens, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Florence, Lyon, Madrid, Marseille, Lille, Bordeaux, Milan, Bari, Rome will host the festival, and welcome in more than 70 restaurants chefs from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia...



    Behind each refugee, there is a passionate man or woman with precious talents!


    Professional integration

    Valorize skills and put refugee chefs in contact with a community of restaurants and engaged volunteers


    Differently !

    The very best of world cuisines, combined to an amazing experience full of intercultural sharing!

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    The Refugee Food Festival has been created by citizens who wanted to mobilize the Parisian food scene, restaurants, local authorities, private businesses and various actors. Following the success of the first edition, Food Sweet Food with the support of UNHCR designed a methodology KIT to enable any citizen to organize a Refugee Food Festival in his city.

    Amsterdam's team

    Maria A. Fernandez Aja and Jantien van der Meer are leading the organisation of the festival from A to Z !

    In Amsterdam, the Festival is made possible by the commitment, enthusiasm and energy of those two ambassadors, UNHCR Nederland and many other great team members!

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